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About our passion to help

Allied Intergrated Services

The founders of Allied Intergrated Services have been providing support services to individuals in need of a little more than housing but require guidance and support to manage their tenancy and wellbeing needs.
The service has now grown and now includes those with mental health difficulties, homelessness issues and other concerns. Most of our settings accommodate young to adults between ages 16 and 65.
The service is proudly working on youth and adolescent service. Our goal is to help people achieve and maintain their recovery and independence in the community. Trained staff and volunteers are available around the clock. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.

Friends Taking Selfie
Smiling Student


  • To provide a warm, safe, and caring environment for young people who are moving on from other care arrangements.

  • To offer young people a home where they can be supported and enabled to develop their skills towards independence and to grow and develop into happy young adults.

  • To provide young people with secure, stable, and structured placements with clear boundaries for the duration identified by their own individual needs.



  • To develop person-centred pathway support packages for the young people in the service.

  • To promote safety for the young person by ensuring that each young person has a holistic assessment, that is regularly reviewed.

  • To enable the young person to meet their health and emotional needs.

  • To promote and maintain positive relationships that benefit the young person and enable them to develop their identity, self-respect and care for their own well-being.

And many more!

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